Citroën AMI - 100% electric car : From 19.99 euros / month in France

Citroën will present at the Geneva Motor Show a new and interesting electric vehicle: AMI, 100% electric compact car accessible to all.

With only 2.40 meters in length and two seats, the Ami will not need a driving license as it is considered a light quadricycle.

The AMI has a lithium-ion battery with 5.5 kWh capacity that gives it a range of 70 km, enough for many customers who make short trips around the city. Plugged into a conventional 230v outlet, it will take only three hours to regain 100% of the load.

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Citroën AMI 100% ËLECTRIC

The interior is simple and includes a specific place to leave a smartphone and it has a panoramic roof, air bumps, adjustable seats, air conditioning, etc.

LONG-TERM RENTAL, for those who have a permanent need, private or professional. It is the ideal offer to go to work, for the children, for small trips of older people or entrepreneurs. Ami is available and proposed at a rent of €19.99 including VAT per month with an initial payment of €2,644 including VAT (Ami Ami version; long-term rental of 48 months, ecological bonus of €900 including VAT deducted in France). A breakthrough monthly payment that is much lower than that of public transportation passes or that of many phone plans.

CAR-SHARING, for 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, operated by dedicated partners according on how the offer is deployed. Free2Move, the current reference intermediary, offers its subscribers an engaging rate of €0.26 per min: a price level comparable or even lower than the majority of moped, standard car-sharing and even scooter offers. Ami is available in the streets as a self-service solution thanks to an app. Mobility solutions keep growing and 2030 forecasts estimate that 1 in 3 kilometres will be done through these solutions. Note that Free2Move is the only service on the market that allows car sharing from 16 years old.

PURCHASE IN CASH: it is possible to buy Ami from €6,000 including VAT (Ami Ami version; ecological bonus of €900 including VAT deducted in France). A price which makes Ami extremely competitive compared to numerous other mobility offers on the market.


- autonomy 70 km with a full charge
- full charge in 3 hours
- recharging on standard 220V socket
- 6 kW electric motor
- maximum speed 45 km / h


- length: 2.41 m
- width: 1.36 m (excluding mirrors)
- height: 1.52 m
- 14 '' wheels
- weight: 490 KG with battery


- 2 seat side by side
- heating / ventilation / demister
- 64L storage in front of passenger's legs
- front disc brakes, rear drum brakes
- connectivity with the DAT @ AMI unit connected to the smartphone via BlueTooth

Ami – 100% ëlectric has no equivalent in the mobility landscape. Citroën unveils a truly disruptive 100% electric mobility experience, born from the desire to make it accessible and easy for everyone.

Vincent Cobée, Citroën Brand CEO, said: "For 100 years, Citroën has always been innovative and creative in democratising freedom of movement. This year, Citroën has come up with a new urban mobility solution accessible to everyone: compact, protective, 100% electric, without driving licence, and affordable. Ami - 100% ëlectric aims to be a real breakthrough in enabling urban mobility, a solution in sync with new modes of consumption. This great idea was a concept one year ago. We are proud that we have made it happen today. "

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