Electric buses: cheaper and more sustainable thanks to Nissan Leaf

The Nissan technology used for the Leaf will be used on Japanese electric buses . This was announced by the same car manufacturer, which announced the launch of an experimental project in Japan next month. The goal is to increase the spread of zero emissions public transport and reduce costs.

The initiative in favor of electric buses was promoted by Kumamoto University and aims to bring together knowledge and skills of the automotive sector. The project is part of a continuous collaboration between the Kumamoto University and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment and it was created to reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions and other pollutants produced by vehicles.

The Nissan contribution will prove to be important to reduce the costs of building electric buses, thanks to the possibility of exploiting the technology package developed for Nissan Leaf.

Nissan will also intervene in the development of a specific transmission for the vehicle and taking care of technical assistance to accelerate the production process that will lead to eco-sustainable buses to be used for public transport in Japan.  As stated by Toshiro Matsuda , associate professor of Kumamoto University and responsible for the project:

“We hope to improve Japan’s environment by standardizing the manufacturing of EV buses with help from the know-how of automakers. Our goal is to develop EV buses that are well-balanced in terms of being friendly to the environment and having low development costs.”

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