Electric and hybrid cars: 50% of the market by 2030

Electric and hybrid cars are destined to undermine petrol cars within a few years. This is stated by the Cambridge Econometrics, whose study "Fuelling Europe's Future" was commissioned by the European Climate Foundation.

According to British experts, electric and hybrid cars together will cover 50% of the car sector, actually reaching the market share represented by cars powered by petrol / diesel. 25% of vehicles with reduced environmental impact will be of the classic hybrid type (HEV, Hybrid electric vehicle), 8% will be Plug-in hybrid (PHEV), 15% will be related to electric cars (BEV, Battery electric vehicle) while the Fuel Cell (FCEV) will cover the remaining 2%.

Cambridge Econometrics continues: a dominant role will be taken by electric and hybrid cars (80%) compared to petrol or diesel (20%) by 2035, while 2040 expects the disappearance of the most polluting cars from the large global automotive market.

In 2040: electric cars are estimated at 54%, the Plug-in hybrids will follow with 27% and the Fuel Cell with the remaining 19%.

The year 2050 will be the year of electric cars (71%) and those of Fuel Cell (26%), which will dominate the automotive market alone with 97% of the total share. Thanks to these changes, CO2 emissions are expected to fall from the 605 million tonnes per year foreseen for 2018 to just 70 million tonnes per year.

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