The Renault ZOE is Europe's most popular electric car

Renault ZOE is already a classic of electric cars. This is partly due to the fact that ZOE is used by most major European passenger car services and at the same time is popular with urban citizens. In addition, it has been on the market for 7 years and the prevalence is therefore huge - but so is the technological know-how and experience.

Renault ZOE is today a state-of-the-art silent and comfortable electric car with zero CO2 emissions and bold design.

Countless tests and reviews have rated ZOE as the best car for the price and we can add the most range for the money. Up to 385 km on a full charge and at the same time the possibility to charge the car in 3 ways.

A contemporary and dynamic design, daring curves and just the right touch of brass. The all-new ZOE affirms its personality and improves your everyday life.

You can charge your new ZOE anywhere and anytime, whether at home, in the city, in the supermarket or on the highway. With the 135 horsepower and 245 Nm torque, you can get ready for a driving experience that is both vibrant and relaxing, with no noise or vibration.

With the Cameleon standard charger, the car automatically adjusts to the maximum power available in the socket (in single-phase and three-phase, up to 22 kW), which means that the charging time is as short as possible. You get up to 100% battery power in 3 hours at 22 kW charging points in malls, parking garages or on public roads.

The all-new ZOE is provided with many driving assist systems to guarantee your safety in all conditions and make your manoeuvres easier. Easily connect your smartphone and get your entire multimedia world enhanced with features specific to the electric car from your 9.3 '' touch screen.

Redesigned dashboard, refined finish, upholstered seats, steering wheel and heated seats and large storage. Zoe places you in a cabin lined with 100% recyclable, which mixes comfort and reduces environmental impact.

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