The Aptera Paradigm electric car has only three wheels, an ultra-light body and a design that resembles that of airplanes. In addition, thanks to the solar panels it promises to never be recharged. The electric car has already received over 7,000 bookings, on the other hand, it has closed a new round of financing for 4 million dollars.

The figure is rather low for a car manufacturer, but according to the US company, the new factory in the Californian Sorrento Valley will start producing this electric vehicle by the end of the year.

The ultralight body is made of carbon fibre, kevlar and hemp and has such extreme aerodynamics that it really looks like a small road plane. Just the wings are missing. In the normal version, it reaches 400 kilometres on a single charge, in the Plus version it reaches up to 1,600 kilometres of autonomy.

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The secret is the solar panels. With sunny skies, the Aptera Paradigm is able to obtain up to 64 kilometres of travel per day by channelling solar energy to its 100 kWh batteries (the same as the Tesla Model S).

The other aspect that users liked is its modularity. Booking the Aptera Paradigm is like buying a computer. You go online and start from the basic model to which you can then add engines (maximum three for a total of 150 kW), batteries (from 400 km of autonomy to 1,600 km), solar panels on the tail and hood (the one on the roof is included).

The Aptera Paradigm electric car starts at a price of 21,000 euros

 and it can reach 40,000 euros.

The Aptera Paradigm is very fast: it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds (basically as much as a Ferrari ...) and reaches around 180 km / h.

The expected release is at the end of 2021. 

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