The new Ford E-Transit all-electric van will arrive in the spring of 2022. The 100% electric version of the world's best-selling van has an estimated range of up to 350 km (this is three times the average daily distance travelled by EU fleet vehicles).

With the new fleet management tools for electric cars, fleet owners can monitor each individual vehicle, control energy consumption and gain insight into how the cars perform. With the help of data such as kWh consumption, charging speed and the remaining range until the electric car is out of power, it will be easier to understand how the fleet should be controlled to utilise the cars even better and minimise the time they are not in use.

The FordPass Connect modem, which is part of the standard equipment, provides connectivity solutions, helping customers to optimise fleet efficiency. It also allows wireless updating of navigation.

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A powerful electric engine

The new Ford E-Transit will have a built-in battery with a capacity of 67 kWh. This should be enough for 350 kilometres. The electric engine has a peak output of 198 kW (269 hp) and a torque of 430 Nm. The payload ranges from up to 1,616 kilogrammes and up to 1,967 kilogrammes, depending on the model.

Driving modes

The driving modes of the E-Transit are adapted to its electric propulsion system. A special Eco mode aims to improve energy consumption by up to 8-10% when the E-Transit is operated without load. Eco mode limits the maximum speed, adjusts the acceleration and optimises the climate control to make the available autonomy more efficient.

Charging System

E-Transit is equipped with fast charging from both AC and DC sources. The Ford Transit's 11.3 kW onboard charger can provide 100% charge in up to 8.2 hours. By powering up to 115 kW via a high-speed, fast-charging system from a direct current source, the Ford Transit lithium-ion battery can be charged from 15% to 80% in about 34 minutes.

Pro Power Onboard Generator

The new Ford E-Transit all-electric van benefits from the optional Pro Power Onboard, which allows customers in Europe to turn their vehicle into a mobile power source, providing 2.3 kW for electrical equipment. This is a first for light commercial vehicles on the European market.

The new Ford E-Transit is backed by a strong global network of more than 1,800 Ford commercial vehicle dealers. E-Transit also benefits from collaborations with hundreds of vehicle conversion and modification service providers around the world, who also provide support and various accessories for the Transit model.

Update July 2023:

The brand-new Ford E-Transit is set to be released in the US and Europe in late 2023 and is expected to cost $43,295 for the low-roof model of the cargo van.

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