Hyundai Kona Electric increases its autonomy to 484 kilometers WLTP

The 64 kWh electric Hyundai Kona has received a series of improvements resulting in an 8% increase in its range, up to 484 km WLTP. A figure that consolidates it, more if possible, among the electric cars with more autonomy on the market.

Just a few days ago, Hyundai announced the first deliveries to customers of European-made Kona electrics. Previously, this electric SUV was manufactured in South Korea, but the firm has decided to produce the Kona Electric also in the Czech Republic to supply European demand and reduce waiting times for its customers.

Hyundai has made a number of improvements, including equipping new tires: a Michelin Primacy 4 with low rolling resistance. The Korean firm has also made a series of modifications to the car's underside to reduce air resistance and improve aerodynamics, although no further details have been provided regarding the specific changes made. All in all, the electric Kona has gained 8% autonomy to homologate 484 km WLTP (before it was 449 km) in a mixed cycle.

This upgrade affects only the most powerful and battery-powered version, the 204-horsepower Kona and 64 kWh battery.

In this version with more autonomy, the electric Kona is priced from  40,050 euros (without discounts) and includes the charging point and its installation free of charge.

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