The winner of Car Of The Year 2023 is the new Jeep Avenger electric SUV. Jeep has won the prestigious honor for the first time. The Jeep Avenger is the first Jeep developed and designed in Europe for the European market. As a result, it is an extra special thrill and recognition that the Jeep Avenger will be the first Jeep to be named Car Of The Year. The judges approved the nomination, and the Jeep Avenger won with 328 points, 87 points more than the runner-up VW ID BUZZ.

Sren W. Rasmussen, a member of the Car Of The Year jury and the newly chosen Car Of The Year president, says of the winner:

"The Jeep Avenger was born in Europe, and it has transformed the automobile and the brand in a nice direction," he says of the model's inspiration.

"The first all-electric Jeep looks beautiful, is wonderful to drive, and has many amazing features. I appreciate the look and the idea that a Jeep doesn't have to be a large gas-guzzling vehicle. "I am confident that this vehicle will usher Jeep into a new age," says Sren W. Rasmussen.

The Jeep Avenger introduces a new and fresh design, functionality, and Jeep ruggedness to the B-SUV market, and Alexander Thornton Rasmussen, Brand Director for Jeep, is also pleased with the prize and optimistic about the future:

"We have big hopes for the Jeep Avenger. We had that before the prize, but the honor automatically raises our expectations even higher. The B-SUV market is expanding rapidly, but when it comes to electric vehicles, the class lags behind. We are altering this with the new Jeep Avenger. It distinguishes itself in the segment with a powerful and distinctive design, a beautiful cabin with plenty of space, and driving qualities suitable for both the forest and the city - and it is tough and built to last. Jeep Avenger is a tiny, agile, and electric SUV that combines Jeep's famed SUV legacy with European attention to detail. It is the start of some exciting years for Jeep, and we are looking forward to showing off the Avenger when it comes this spring".

In some countries, the Jeep Avenger is exclusively available as an electric vehicle. The new Jeep Avenger electric SUV boasts 156 hp and a range of 400 kilometers despite a relatively small battery of 54 kWh, demonstrating an energy-efficient drivetrain. It can charge at speeds of up to 100 kW and takes 24 minutes to charge from 20% to 80%. The automobile needs 5.5 hours to charge on an 11 kW home charger. The Jeep Avenger will be available in the spring, with anticipating a starting price of roughly $40,000.

The Jeep Avenger is the first in a series of new fully-electric SUVs from the American automaker. It's all part of Jeep's offensive electrification strategy, making the company the market leader in electric SUVs. With the Jeep Avenger being named Car Of The Year 2023, the future appears bright for the American automaker.

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