Elektra CityStar C5 is a compact electric scooter but with the dynamic advantages of a tall motorcycle. The key ingredients of the CityStar C5 are the combination of stability, lightness, and autonomy. It offers a compact and manageable ensemble, like that of any good scooter, but also spacious and highly comfortable for those who drive it, even for a possible passenger. To achieve this remarkable dynamic behaviour, it has a very simple chassis with the traditional configuration of any scooter.

CiyStar C5 electric scooter has 2 lithium batteries 72V / 42 + 21Ah that can be easily removed to charge them in about 4 hours or use the external charger, without having to remove them. It reaches 115 kilometres per hour thanks to its 3KW(4Hp) electric engine. It has 3 driving modes: Eco (up to 50 km / h), Standard (up to 75 km / h) and Sport (up to 115 km / h). 

Elektra CityStar C5 electric scooter can reach 85 kilometres of autonomy on a single charge. Elektra announces that this autonomy can be extended up to 160 kilometres by adding another extra battery pack. Being sceptics, we can assure you that the CityStar C5 can easily surpass 100 kilometres of peaceful and clean mobility.

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In addition to red, the Elektra Citystar C5 is available in blue, black, white and grey.

The price of the Elektra CityStar C5 electric scooter is around 3,540 euros. At this price, it could become a strong alternative to other electric scooters.

The Elektra Citystar arrives from the Canary Islands.

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