If you appreciate the Fiat 500 electric car, you will fall in love with this electric scooter inspired by the Italian car. Fiat gives a new twist to its electrification strategy by launching an electric scooter designed especially for urban mobility. It's called Fiat 500 Iride, and its design is inspired by the emblematic round headlights that have characterized the Cinquecento for 64 years. An iconic style embodied in the circular position of lights under the handlebars makes the 500 Iride unique.

How could it be otherwise? The colors available for this scooter are Celestial Blue and Cloud Gray, created exclusively for the new Fiat 500 electric car, inspired by the sky and rain clouds. There is also a special edition in red to pay homage to the new Fiat 500 RED edition, the result of collaboration between Fiat and the RED association. After purchasing the vehicle, part of the proceeds from the RED-branded electric scooter will be donated to the association.

The Fiat 500 Iride electric scooter has a 250 W motor, which allows it to go at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and has batteries with which it can travel up to 30 kilometers and which are recharged in 4 and a half hours. But in addition to good performance, the scooter provides excellent comfort thanks to its wide platform, 10-inch inner tube tires, rear shock absorber, and built-in screen, in addition to the telescopic handlebar for better-personalized handling. Moreover, its weight of only 15 kg, and its easy folding allows it to be carried by hand or stored in the car's trunk.

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The new Fiat 500 Iride is also a very safe electric scooter. It has a front light with long-distance visibility and a rear light that flashes when braking. In addition, when driving on pedestrian streets, the 'pedestrian mode' can be activated through the application or directly from the screen, limiting the speed to 6 km/h. On request, the Safety Pack is also available, which includes a helmet, a high-visibility vest, and a parking blocking system.

An exclusive bag has been created for the 500 Iride to carry it in the Fiat 500 comfortably. It can be placed in the trunk thanks to the velcro base and the straps that attach to the Isofix system of the rear seats, guaranteeing safe, clean, and silent transport. In addition, the Fiat 500 electric car can recharge the electric scooter since a 12 V charger is sold separately or together with the transport bag placed in the rear compartment. In this way, the Fiat 500 Iride folding electric scooter can be fully charged using less than 1% of the battery capacity of the new Fiat 500 electric car. Not to mention the fact that the "Fiat 500 Iride" can also be powered with a charging cable to connect at home (as standard).

The Fiat 500 Iride electric scooter has a specific control application in both the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Google). With this, you can check the status of the battery, the autonomy, the actual speed, the total distance traveled and the time, and the saving of CO2 emissions. Cruise control can also be set directly from the app, as can one of the four available driving modes: 'Normal' for balanced daily use, 'Sherpa' to minimize energy consumption, 'Sport' for those who prefer a more fun drive and 'pedestrian mode' for use in pedestrian areas. Finally, the application (which acts as an electronic key mode) offers multi-user management to share the Fiat 500 Iride electric scooter with family or friends, up to four people. This feature means that the owner is the only person who can allow other users to use the electric scooter.

The Fiat 500 Iride is available from all Fiat dealerships and the Mopar store. The electric scooter costs 699 euros.

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