Retro-futuristic OX One electric motorcycle from 4,900 euros

Ox Riders have presented the final production version of the OX One electric motorcycle that can be purchased in two versions: one approved as a moped that will cost 3,900 euros and another as a motorcycle for 4,900 euros.

The Spanish startup OX Riders has presented the final production version of its first electric motorcycle, the OX One, which until now was in the prototype phase.

OX One is an intelligent, customizable and retro-futuristic electric motorcycle that will be sold in two variants, one equivalent to a 50 cc moped and a maximum speed of 50 km / h and another to a 125 cc motorcycle that reaches 120 km / h.


3KW motor

49 Km / h top speed

Two 72V20AH removable batteries

2 hours recharge per battery

100 km battery life


CBS brakes

Hydraulic damping

Front tire: 4.0-17 Tubeless Tire.

Rear tire: 5.0-17 'Tubeless Tire


Product dimensions approx .: 2000 * 650 * 1150mm.

Approximate net weight: 75 kg

With the arrival of the OX One final version , OX Riders have launched a #PIONEERRIDERS test campaign, consisting of several events that it will announce through its social networks, with the aim of approaching its community, which can test the final product and thus improve the user experience.

OX Riders base its differentiation on competition in customization. Each motorcycle aims to reflect the tastes of its owner. Therefore, each client can choose the texture, patterns and colours. In addition, to take care of the environment, the entire production chain is optimized for energy savings thanks to the use of the latest technologies since the parts are made of sustainable materials.

The international expansion will begin with the markets of Italy and France in mid-2021. Through its website,, it is already possible to reserve a unit advancing only 40 euros and get a discount of up to € 500. The final price of the less powerful version will be € 3,900, while the higher power version, the OX ONE S, can be purchased for € 4,900.

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