The new Sondors MXS electric bike delimits itself by its robustness and performance, thanks to a large battery located in the central part of the frame that powers a powerful electric engine located in the rear wheel hub.

Sondors MXS is a strong electric mountain bike that has a peculiarity that makes it different. It presents a frame chaired by a closed central triangle, in which an 840 Wh battery is located, allowing it to offer a range of almost 100 kilometres.

The frame of the Sondors MXS is made of ultra-resistant aluminium. Its weight, along with the rest of the elements, such as the battery and the other components, is 29.5 kilogrammes. Its load capacity is 136 kilograms, almost double that of any electric bike on the market, it can even pull a small trailer.

The powerful Panasonic Li-ion battery works at 48 V and 17.5 Ah, which means that it offers a capacity of 840 Wh. A capacity that is above many of those offered by its competitors, and with which Sondors MXS is capable of reaching 100 kilometres of autonomy. An electric motor with 750 W of power fitted with a 7-speed with grip shifter is capable of supporting the cyclist's pedalling up to a speed of 32 km / h.

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The frame sits on a very simple suspension system. It consists of an adjustable Airshocks fork at the front and a shock absorber on the seat post that acts as a rear suspension. The 27.5-inch wheels with Maxxis tyres allows it to navigate sand and gravel roads quite easily. The hydraulic brakes feature 180mm diameter brake discs on both the front and rear wheels.

Sondors MXS has an LCD screen on the handlebar that informs the rider about different parameters of the bike, such as the battery level, the speed or the distance travelled.

The new Sondors MXS electric bicycle is $1,699 (1,438 euros) in this configuration adapted to US legislation. If purchased in Europe, it would be necessary to limit the engine power to 250 W and the assistance speed to 25 km / h in order to comply with the legislation.