Xiaomi has formalized a revised and corrected version of its Mi Electric Scooter: the Pro version, officially presented today. Aesthetically, it has no significant differences compared to the non-Pro model: the design is minimalist, characterized by the possibility of folding the handlebar onto the platform to facilitate transport. However, there are several innovations to be reported both under the body and in the standard equipment.

There is a real LCD display that takes the place of the simple LEDs of the previous model and allows you to monitor the operating parameters more accurately. The electric scooter is also able to reach greater distances, thanks to a revisited battery compartment that allows a range up to 45 km with a single charge.

The top speed is 25 km / h (it is possible to select three modes, ECO, standard and Sport) - while the maximum inclination angle of the climb that the electric scooter is able to face is 12 degrees.

The wheels are 8.5", the braking system includes a ventilated 120 mm rear disc brake and a regenerative anti-locking system at the front.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro is offered at a price of 499 euros and will be available for purchase from 18 June in the Mi Stores, from 25 July in all other stores.


Xiaomi just released a statement warning of a possible safety program that would affect a limited number of units of the electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter model M365.

In total, there are 10,257 affected units, which were manufactured between October 27 and December 5, 2018; most of them went to the British market -7,849 units-, although they also arrived in Germany, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Colombia, Turkey, Laos, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Korea, Macao, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Singapore, Russia, Thailand and other unidentified markets.

Xiaomi has detected a possible failure in its popular electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter model M365. The Chinese manufacturer has already warned of this problem that is related to a screw of the folding mechanism that could loosen, causing the mast to move away from the base of the scooter, even in motion, even causing a fall.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro M365 - 409 euros.

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