Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel off-road electric bike

Yamaha has been producing electric bicycles since 1993 and has already sold more than two million of them, and also produced more than four million electric bikes. The newest addition, Wabash Adventure Gravel does not look different from the Urban Rush electric bike presented at the 2017 Interbike international fair but has important configuration features for driving on uneven surfaces and off-road.

The 19-pound Wabash received an aluminum frame and fork includes Yamaha's Triple Sensor System for the measurement of rider power generation, bike rolling speed and pedal revs per minute. The zero cadence assist feature of the rear hub sensor catches any forward pedaling quickly and initiates the power support system, which gives pedal assist up to 20 mph (32 km/h). The Wabash rides on 700x33c EXO Maxxis Speed Terraine tires.

Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel is offered in three frame sizes for the price of $ 3499 and is already being supplied to US bicycle shops.

"The gravel category is growing because of the performance and versatility built into these bikes, and Yamaha really keyed in on these areas for the new Wabash," said Yamaha's Drew Engelmann. "The Wabash is fun to ride, and it's made for adventures right out of the garage no matter the terrain."

The Yamaha Wabash is a Class 1 power-assist electric bicycle. The Wabash performance features including: flared handlebars at the bottom of the drop providing more stability, Flared handlebars at the bottom of the drop providing more stability, Maxxis Speed Terrane tires and SRAM Apex hydraulic disk brakes, 12mm thru axle on both front and rear hubs that increase control and strength.

Additional Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel features include: Stair-step stack-and-reach geometry; 500Wh lithium-ion battery pack, digital display with easy-to-read speedometer, trip distance, battery range, cadence and an odometer3-year warranty.

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