Electric Pickup Trucks

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup
Posted Nov 22, 2019

It really seems to have come out of a sci-fi movie, Tesla's new Pick-up, the Cybertruck, is something really out of this world. Starting with the design that really seems to come from the future or from some other planet. All at a...

Amazon buys 100,000 fully electric vans from Rivian
Posted Sep 20, 2019

The Amazon distribution giant has pledged to comply with the Paris Agreement against climate change signed in 2015 ten years ahead of schedule and has ordered 100,000 fully electric vans, which will be manufactured by Rivian....

Ford is investing $ 500 million in Rivian
Posted Apr 25, 2019

Until a few months ago, Rivian was unknown to the general public. Headquartered in Michigan, the Michigan-based company was first established in 2009 but was not acknowledged until last November's Los Angeles Motor Show, when it introduced...