Electric Cars

Porsche Taycan 4S - official information and photos
posted October 17, 2019

Porsche has officially unveiled a new version of the Taycan electric model called the 4S. Officially launched in September, the new Taycan electric car initially debuted in the most powerful versions called Turbo and Turbo S. Now it's time for the first "... read more

Jaguar I-Pace Sky Edition: what does it offer and how much does it cost?
posted October 16, 2019

Jaguar I-Pace Sky Edition. A commercial edition of the British electric car that arrives on the market with the Performance Pack and an interesting offer price. Jaguar was the first brand in Europe to enter the 100% electric premium SUV... read more

Electric cars: the best models for less than 30 thousand euros
posted October 8, 2019

The electric cars are now on everyone's lips. The good news is that today on the market it is possible to find electric cars with no exorbitant cost, which can also be reduced thanks to the eco bonus introduced by the government; incentives that guarantee... read more

2020 Renault Zoe all-electric hatchback
posted September 19, 2019

Renault has started sales of a new generation of the all-electric Zoe 52kWh hatchback. Europeans will be the first to order their electric car at a price starting from € 20,000 (in Germany, excluding the cost of renting a battery). But they will not be able... read more

Two Wheelers

NITO NES 10: 90 km / h electric scooter
posted July 29, 2019

NITO NES 10 is the Italian scooter of Nuova Industria Torinese designed to change the rules in the world of electric scooters. NITO NES 10 is perhaps not easily digested by everyone but certainly able to stand out and succeed: to characterize... read more

Blacksmith B2 electric motorcycle
posted July 5, 2019

The Blacksmith B2 is an Indian electric motorcycle, a mixture of classic and technological design, a great autonomy thanks to its interchangeable batteries and a very affordable price. The Blacksmith B2 electric motorcycle is the third... read more

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro - 45 km mileage
posted June 14, 2019

Xiaomi has formalized a revised and corrected version of its Mi Electric Scooter: the Pro version, officially presented today. Aesthetically, it has no significant differences compared to the non-Pro model: the design is minimalist,... read more

Commercial Vehicles

Amazon buys 100,000 fully electric vans from Rivian
posted September 20, 2019

The Amazon distribution giant has pledged to comply with the Paris Agreement against climate change signed in 2015 ten years ahead of schedule and has ordered 100,000 fully electric vans, which will be manufactured by Rivian. According to the... read more

APM (Accessible People Mover)
posted July 22, 2019

It is designed to transport visitors, staff, athletes or people with special accessibility needs. Toyota launches the first vehicle of the support program for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games: an electric shuttle that will make transport accessible... read more

Volkswagen Type 20 electric minibus
posted July 8, 2019

For the 20th anniversary of the VW subsidiary in California, the German carmaker has shown the legendary Type 2 T1 as an electric minibus. The VW Type 20 is just a concept. Type 20 is an electric minibus based on the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 T1 that in the... read more

E.V. News

Police stops e-water taxi in Paris
posted September 25, 2019

An electric water taxi developed by the French startup SeaBubbles was checked by police during a test drive on the Seine in Paris. They assumed speeding but this is not true: While on the Seine is usually a speed limit of 12 km / h, there is an exception for... read more

Germany puts 100 billion euros on the plate for the reduction of polluting emissions
posted September 25, 2019

Green turn for Germany, which puts on the table a maxi plan for the reduction of polluting emissions. A package that includes 360-degree interventions, some of which are dedicated to electric mobility. Overall, this ambitious plan will see an investment of... read more

Audi will offer 30 electrified models in 2025
posted September 23, 2019

Electrification, and mainly the electric car, are the future of the automobile industry. So much so, that many marches work and invest huge sums of money for the development of this technology that, undoubtedly, will end up being the tonic in the market. In... read more

France: New E-Bus line between Bayonne and Biarritz
posted September 13, 2019

Keolis, the public transport operator has put into operation in the far southwest of France, an electric bus line with ten electric articulated buses. The twelve-kilometer line with 30 stations connects Bayonne with Biarritz. A second e-bus... read more