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Two Wheelers


Bicycle helmets are designed to protect your head from injuries in case of an accident, but they are not always comfortable, stylish, or effective. That’s why a Swedish company called Hövding has developed a revolutionary alternative: a… Continue reading

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Hybrid Cars


The Geely Galaxy Light Concept, a sophisticated sedan with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and advanced artificial intelligence, stands out among the vehicles in this class. The Geely Galaxy Light Concept car and the Geely Galaxy L7 SUV were… Continue reading

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Electric Cars


If you ask a random stranger on the street what they identify with Volvo Cars, the majority will say safety. Volvo is delighted to be renowned for this association, as safety is the ultimate core of its business. "Security is not a marketing… Continue reading

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Electric Cars


The sleek IONIQ 6 is the newest model in Hyundai's range of electric cars. It has cutting-edge technology, unique features, and a long-range that breaks down barriers. Under the stringent WLTP standard, the IONIQ 6 has a potential… Continue reading

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E.V. News

If you're wondering, "What causes the airbag warning light to come on?" and have no idea what it means, you're not alone. Several common causes of the airbag warning light are discussed below. Fuse blowout, SRS computer problem, or seat belt not worn? Weigh… Continue reading

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E.V. News

As companies grow, they start to embrace changes in technology and the way things are run. One such change is automation, which provides many benefits to both the business and the customer. Here are three benefits of automation for companies.  1. Increased… Continue reading