12 Aptis electric buses for the city of Strasbourg

These 12 Aptis will be the first electric buses that are incorporated into the vehicle fleet of the Strasbourg urban transport operator. The contract includes the purchase of 12 Aptis vehicles 12 meters long and equipped each with three doors.

Thanks to its innovative design, Aptis buses offer the passenger a unique experience and comfort: Its stop assistance system for a perfect alignment with the sidewalk, the low floor throughout the vehicle and the double doors allow a comfortable flow of passengers and easy access for wheelchairs and carts. In addition, it is provided with a lounge area with panoramic windows at the back of the bus and has 25% more glazed area than traditional buses.

The vehicles for the city of Strasbourg will have a night charging system in garages. Aptis also offers the possibility of incorporating opportunistic fast loading technology at the end of each ride.

Alstom's 100% electric bus has been designed to optimize the total cost of ownership, thanks to its low maintenance and operating costs. For local authorities, therefore, it will have a total cost equivalent to that of the current diesel buses.

Since the presentation of the prototype in March 2017, 4 vehicles have been traveling in real operating conditions over 40,000 km throughout Europe.

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