Chronopost International orders 420 VW e-Crafters

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) will deliver a total of 420 e-Crafters to Chronopost (a member of the La Poste group) over the next two years.

For Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) this it is the largest single e-Crafter order until now.

Since September 2019, Chronopost has been delivering throughout Paris exclusively with a fleet of alternatively powered vehicles. From June 2020, this principle is to be extended to more than 18 cities in France. "The introduction of a city fleet of 100% clean vehicles is an obligation for us and a strong investment in the future," comments Chronopost President Martin Piechowski. Electric vehicles now had sufficient autonomy to be used on a large scale throughout France.

For Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles the order represents a new record order: "This is the largest single e-Crafter order from a fleet customer and a further important step towards sustainable transport solutions for urban centres," said Heinz-Jürgen Löw, member of the VW board for sales and marketing.

The technical data for the e-Crafter are as follows: 100 kW output, 35.8 kWh battery capacity, a combined range of up to 115 kilometres in accordance with WLTP and a maximum speed of 90 km / h, the e-transporter for city Logistics designed. When it comes to payloads, it is designed for a load volume of up to 998 kilograms or 10.7 cubic meters. The combined power consumption according to WLTP is 29.1 kWh per 100 km.

The propulsion is subjectively strong, and especially in city traffic the electric drive train saves time; the full power is immediately available.

The equipment of the e-Crafter is also above the standard versions with a combustion engine. Plenty of assistance systems from parking assistance to crosswind stability are just as standard as the automatic climate control, heated seats, LED headlights or the navigation system.

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