Genoa Airport, located in the heart of the Italian region of Liguria, first opened its doors to the public in 1962 and now serves as a gateway to dozens of cities across Italy and Europe. Genoa Airport has chosen the Citroen Ami electric car as the best solution for its mobility needs on the apron as part of its plan to reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet.

The Citroen Ami can travel up to 75 kilometers without recharging, which is far enough to last several days. A 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery powers the 6-kilowatt electric motor. The electric car battery can be recharged in three hours from a standard 220-volt outlet. Its top speed of 45 km/h is more than enough to keep the airport apron's restriction values strictly enforced. Because of its small footprint and short turning radius of approximately 7 meters, it is easy to drive on the apron and in congested parking lots. Not only is the drive silent and CO2-free, but it also allows for eco-friendly transportation.

The large glass panels, including the glass ceiling, provide stunning views of the sky and the landscape beyond. Two persons can sit cozily beside one another inside the insulated, watertight cabin. The footwell in front of the passenger provides considerable storage space, the heating system maintains the passenger's comfort, and the specific smartphone compartment is compatible with the newest generation of multimedia devices. The Citroen Ami electric cars are equipped with reflective lights and visible stickers to comply with airport standards.

Thanks to its convenient size, reasonable price, and reliable performance, the Citron Ami electric car is the best option for meeting the transportation demands of passengers at Genoa Airport. Marco Bresciani, Manager of Genoa Airport: "Since this project coincides with our plan to electrify our fleet of corporate vehicles, we are quite enthusiastic about it. The Citroen Ami electric car is perfectly equipped to serve as our primary mode of transportation. Adding three to our fleet would allow us to complete all of our daily tasks on the airport aprons with unprecedented efficiency while also contributing to environmental protection."

The Ami is one of Citroen's several electrified models available in Italy. The tiny electric car is helping to accelerate the growth of sustainable mobility in support of the country's ongoing energy transition. By 2025, the company plans to release 100% of its products in an electric variant.

The Citroen Ami electric car has established a successful track record in Italy. Loved by a wide variety of customers, it has maintained a 60–70% market share since the beginning of the year in the rapidly growing electric quadricycle industry.

Citroen Italy's Head of Marketing, Alessandro Musumeci: "We are honored that Genoa Airport has found the Citroen Ami to possess all the traits and attributes necessary to fulfill its day-to-day mobility requirements. The accomplishment of this effort is more evidence of the revolutionary and unique nature of our electric mobility solution, the Citroen Ami. Achieving this level of success is directly tied to our team's ability to fulfill the novel needs of our customers in terms of micro-mobility. This trait aligns with our company's guiding principles, as we have always paid close attention to societal shifts and worked tirelessly to facilitate the energy transition toward sustainable transportation. Citroen places a premium on client service, ensuring they can reach them, inspire confidence in them, and ensure their safety at all times."

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