The German brand Porsche announces that it will double its investment in the development of electric vehicles from this time until the year 2022: it will exceed 6,000 million euros.

The move to all-electric cars seems necessary for any car manufacturer that wants to survive in the long-term market. Porsche has already shown us some of the things it can do, such as the Porsche Mission E ; nevertheless, it has just announced that it doubles its commitment in this sense and that from this moment until the year 2022 it will invest more than 6,000 million euros in the development of electric vehicles.

A good part of that amount, approximately 500 million euros, will go towards the development and production of the Porsche Mission E. On the other hand, another 1,000 million will be used to improve and increase the efficiency of the hybrid propulsion systems currently marketed by Porsche, such as the Porsche Panamera or the new generation of the Porsche Cayenne SUV .

In 2019, Porsche will launch of its first fully electric car. This is the Porsche Mission E, a supercar that will be marketed with three different levels of power, which will range between 400 and 700 HP. One of its biggest attractions is that you can recharge 80% of the full battery capacity in about 15 minutes.

Its price? Porsche have confirmed that the price will not exceed 100,000 euros.(1 Euro = 1.22 U.S. dollars)

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