Tesla Model S will borrow the Model 3 interior

Tesla intends to update its model range in the coming period with an improvement for Model S, according to sources inside the company quoted by CNBC.

Thus, the Tesla Model S will borrow many elements from Model 3, including the minimalist interior, the seats and the electric propulsion system.

In addition, the specialists say that the Model S will have an autonomy of about 645 kilometers according to US EPA standards, tougher than the European standard WLTP.

Currently, Model S offers a range of no more than 595 kilometers (EPA), corresponding to a range of 610 km in European standard WLTP. Therefore, in the modernized Model S we can expect a range of about 660 km for versions sold in Europe.

The production of the new Tesla Model S is scheduled to begin in September, but it is unclear when customers can make their first orders.

At the same time, CNBC claims that Tesla has decided that Model Y electric SUV will also be produced at Fremont (California). The first deliveries of Model Y are expected in the autumn of 2020, and by then the American builder will make a number of changes to the Freemont plant.

The main change will be that Model S and Model X will be produced on the same assembly line. Tesla will have to invest in the reorganization of the plant, despite the fact that Elon Musk has recently attracted attention that the producer risks losing money in the next 10 months. Indeed, after the last staff layoffs in January, Tesla produced cars in a single shift and eliminated night and weekend tours. Via CNBC.

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