What should you know before buying an electric car?

The increasingly severe anti-pollution regulations, the tax burden on the purchase of combustion cars and the increase in the price of fuel are making the idea of ​​acquiring an electric car increasingly important. But before taking this step, it is helpful to take into account a series of questions.

How much does it cost to recharge an electric car?

The common thing is to contract an electrical plan of hourly discrimination, with which you will pay about 0.085 € / kWh; It varies according to the company. To calculate the price of recharge you must multiply the price of kWh by the capacity of your electric battery. For example, recharging a Zoe with a 41 kWh battery would cost 0.085 X 41 = 3.48 Euro.

Can I put a recharging post in my community garage?

Yes. It is not necessary to have the permission of the neighborhood community; You must only communicate the decision in writing.

Manufacturers like Nissan or Mercedes install recharging points; In the first case, the installation and the post are free with the purchase of a Leaf. Mercedes offers the Cargo & Install package for € 1,936 and € 1,210 for the Smart.

If you do the installation on your own, in a single-family home the cost is around 600 euros for a single-phase -from 3.6 to 7.4 kW; and 750 euros for a three-phase -from 11 to 22 kW.

Electric vehicle charging stations nearby?

You should be concerned with the subject of charging stations since there are differences in the range depending on the battery and engine technology. Not many electric car models reach over 500km.

Tax benefits and bonuses

When buying a pure electric car, customers benefit from 4000 € grant in Germany,  for example. Many traders also give an environmental or climate bonus on top.

Should I buy a used electric car? Is used = cheap?

At present, the choice of used electric cars is relatively small, and there are few indications regarding the profitability of used electric cars. Only in the coming years will empirical values ​​develop, on the basis of which valid statements can be made.

If you want to buy a used electric car, you should contact a reputable car dealer.

Rent or lease electric car battery?

The battery for your electric car can also be rented instead of bought (keyword battery rental). It benefits from the advantage of always using the latest model. For this, however, a rental amount must be paid monthly. There is also the possibility to lease the battery for several months to years. 
An electric car can also be leased.

Assess the range of the electric car

Whether the battery is rented or bought: electric car buyers should not save on the battery, because it is crucial for the range. It is natural that the battery capacity decreases over time. With a lifespan of eight to ten years, the battery loses up to 40 percent of its capacity. Even in cold conditions, the range decreases quickly.

In case of doubt, customers prefer to use a model with higher battery capacity, although this may be a bit more expensive. So if you use the car for at least 100 kilometers a day, should buy a car with at least 150 kilometers (real) range.

What are the most common advantages of electric cars?

- Lower maintenance costs

- Lower operating costs

- Lower taxes and insurance premiums

- Zero tailpipe emissions

- Less noise emission from electric cars

- Use torque vectoring advantage more efficiently

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