Tesla has received approval from the Chinese government to manufacture and sell the Tesla Model Y Standard Range in China. In addition, some interesting details about the battery of the Tesla electric SUV appear from the documents.

With the approval granted, Tesla can now begin production of the basic version of the Model Y at its plant in Shanghai. First deliveries are expected for the end of August. Tesla has been accepting orders for this Model Y variant in China for a few days. For Tesla Model Y Standard Range electric car is given autonomy of 525 kilometres on the Chinese Tesla site, but the NEDC is still common in China. According to the configurator, the price is 36,000 euros, with 9,400 euros less than the all-wheel-drive model with a long-range battery.

According to reports, the new entry-level version of the Tesla Model Y electric car is said to have created a lot of attention in China. Teslarati website writes, citing a Chinese sales consultant in Beijing, that there were over 10,000 orders on the first day and over 5,000 orders for the Tesla Model Y SR on the second day. However, these figures have not been confirmed by Tesla.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) documents show that the new basic version of the Model Y, like the Model 3 produced in China, will be equipped with LFP cells - presumably also from CATL manufacturer. The battery capacity of the Tesla Model Y Standard Range is specified as 60 kWh. The LFP battery in Tesla Model 3 is slightly smaller, estimated at 55 kWh gross.

The LFP batteries in the Standard Range model fit Tesla's strategy of relying on the robust and inexpensive lithium iron phosphate batteries for the cheaper versions. The approach with different cell chemistries for the requirements of the respective vehicle segments is also increasingly being used or announced by other car manufacturers.

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