Jyroball used the Indiegogo platform to launch its innovative product, the self-balancing Jyroweel unicycle in the form of a ball weighing 9 kg and with a diameter of only 25 cm.

On the functional side, the Jyroball product is fairly standard: on one battery charge (it takes 2.5 hours), the wheel travels 22.5 km, withstands the weight of the rider up to 100 kg and reaches a speed of up to 20 km / h. It surprises with its low center of gravity and miniaturization, which is achieved due to the compact 500 watt motor. The wheel is comfortable to carry thanks to the stowed pedals and retractable handle.

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According to the manufacturer, it will take about ten minutes to learn how to manage a self-balancing wheel. In this case, the maneuvers are carried out by transferring the weight of the rider from one position to another.

The average price of electric mono-wheels on the market is about 1000 dollars. The Jyroball company is going to put its offspring at retail at a price of $ 899, but first buyers will be able to order it for $ 395.

Crowdfunding of technological innovations is always a risk, but Moby and its founder Thomas O`Connell are behind the Jyroweel project, and the spherical wheel itself was developed with the assistance of designer Mark Symrey, who was among the first in the world to patent the 2006 self-balancing electric monocycle.