Spain's first electric fire truck was unveiled in Madrid and Barcelona by the Rosenbauer company. The Rosenbauer RT 4x4 electric fire truck was designed from the ground up and claims to have utilized breakthrough innovations; for example, the cabin to be used as a meeting space.

The low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution between both axles, which increases stability, is remarkable. But the most impressive feature is that it can operate entirely on electricity, both in terms of movement and water pumping.

Water tanks may hold anything from 1,000 to 4,000 liters of water, whereas foam tanks can hold anywhere from 50 to 400 liters of foam. Additionally, the electric fire truck features both regular and mixed pressure pumps. Thanks to the autonomy extension technology, both systems can run on batteries or, in circumstances where their usage is longer, on diesel.

The Rosenbauer RT 4x4 (the "RT" initials come from Revolutionary Technology) is a high-power electric truck that relies on two electric motors to offer all-wheel-drive. It has an electrical system that entrusts its energy to two battery packs of 66 kWh capacity each. These battery packs feed two electric motors of 180 kW each, which gives it a peak power of up to 482 hp.

According to Rebeca Blázquez, commercial director of Rosenbauer, the RT Revolutionary Technology used by this electric fire truck it will bring us closer to the future due to its completely new characteristics, as it is not comparable with any of those that exist today, and that, in addition to its environmental benefits, will enhance the efficacy of rescue teams, reducing their stress and benefiting both professionals and community members.

This electric fire truck also operates in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Dubai.

The Rosenbauer company presented the Concept Fire Truck two years ago. This fire truck resembles the concept in many ways and has new improvements added.

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