The Tesla Model Y is considered one of the best electric cars on the market. However, an owner from the USA now took stock and named some annoyances that he noticed connected with his Tesla.

YouTuber "Just Frugal Me" has reviewed his Tesla Model Y, which he bought new, after 15,000 kilometers. Now he reports in a video about his experiences with the car, which costs 60,000 euros and does not leave a good thought about Tesla. Nevertheless, the YouTuber concludes that he is delighted with his electric vehicle despite the many small defects. All the experiences mentioned are minor problems and not severe shortcomings.

The YouTuber is most bothered by the fact that his Model Y tends to phantom brakes relatively often. Sometimes it happens the electric car brakes abruptly without any visible obstacles. The owner reports that this also occurs when driving on autopilot. Furthermore, the autopilot system sometimes does not recognize oncoming cars, and the high beam stays on, dazzling other road users.

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The YouTuber doesn't like the workmanship either. The Tesla Model Y is not built and processed as you would expect from such an expensive vehicle. As a result, the gap dimensions are sometimes incorrect, affecting the overall fit. There are also gaps between the body and paneling and the interior paneling, which should not be there. The reviewer also finds the electric vehicle's insulation too poor. As a result, too much street noise and other noises penetrate the car even when the windows are completely closed.

The YouTuber named other little things that bothered him and became a nuisance overall. For example, he is annoyed that the Tesla app must be open on the cell phone to unlock the car. It also bothers him that the frunk can only be opened manually.

Concerning the visibility in the Tesla Model Y, the rear window is also too small; therefore, very little can be seen, especially when reversing. Even making phone calls in the Tesla Model Y doesn't quite go as he would like because you have to use the center display to answer or end a call, and you can't just use a button on the steering wheel like in most other cars.

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