Renault shows us its brand new concept car called Morphoz. The car takes the form of an SUV with dynamic lines and antagonistic doors. It is electric and autonomous.

The Renault Morphoz measures are 4.40 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.73 meters. It then takes on a 40 kWh battery, sufficient for daily journeys. When the time has come to go on vacation, the prototype sees its body slide to reach 4.80 meters in length. The wheelbase changes to 2.93 meters, which leaves room for 50 additional kWh (90 kWh in total).

In "Travel" mode, in addition to having a better range (700 km instead of 400 km), more suited to long journeys, there is now more legroom for passengers, as well as space for two additional pieces of luggage.

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The Morphoz concept foreshadows the future family of Renault electric models. For this, it is based on the new modular electric platform "CMF-EV", which allows, several configurations of capacity and autonomy, habitability and boot space but also power. More generally, this architecture offers the vehicle a long wheelbase with wheels pushed back at four corners, reduced overhangs and a flat floor.

Onboard the Renault Morphoz, the driver faces a futuristic steering wheel which incorporates a 10.2 inch (26 cm) screen. Behind, the dashboard is formed by a huge retractable screen. This configuration change is possible both in manual driving and in autonomous mode. Because yes, the Morphoz has a level 3 autonomous driving system.

Note also that the front passenger seat can pivot by turning backwards, what Renault calls the "Sharing" mode. The four seats are independent and separated by an imposing through-centre console. A specific location allows the driver to place his smartphone. Artificial intelligence then comes into play to obtain (on authorization only) the necessary data and information. A virtual assistant can be ordered in three ways: touchscreen or console, hand gesture or voice.

Like all concepts, Morphoz is a study about the potential of technology for the next few years, therefore presenting a series of decidedly futuristic features. The steering wheel can retract, leaving more front space for projections of the infotainment system.

The Morphoz concept was supposed to be one of the protagonists of the Geneva Motor Show, officially cancelled in recent days due to the Coronavirus emergency.