If the word "Ducati" only reminds you of motorcycles, you are mistaken. The Borgo Panigale house, in fact, has been producing and marketing pedal-assisted bicycles for some time now. Capable, just like its motorcycles, of attracting the attention of the public and critics of the sector.

Thus, after the success of the Mig-RR E-bike, Ducati is back to work with Thok Ebikes to launch a complete line of bicycles with battery and pedal assistance. The presentation took place during the Ducati 2020 World Premiere, an event during which technicians and engineers from the Borgo Panigale company unveiled the models that will arrive on the market from next January.

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Specifically, the new range of Ducati-branded pedal assistance bikes consists of three different models, which cover just as many market segments. The goal is to reach the market with a complete range, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers and cyclists.

The entry-level model is the Ducati Mig-S, an "economic" version of the Mig-RR from which it inherits the hydroformed chassis. The fork is a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 while the rear shock is a Flox Float TPS. The Ducati Mig-S features a 12-speed Sram SX gearbox. The battery is a 504 Wh Shimano E8000. The price of the Ducati Mig-S is 4,699 euros.

Ducati e-Scrambler is certainly the most versatile among the pedal-assisted bikes presented by Ducati. It is suitable both for use on city cycle paths and for off-road routes, this model is fitted with a Shimano E-7000 405 battery, a Sram NX 11-speed gearbox and a Suntur XCR 34 fork. The price of the Ducati e-Scrambler is 3,699 euros.

Ducati Mig-RR Limited Edition was only produced in 50 units and, as you can easily imagine, it has a higher list price than the other Ducati assisted pedal bikes. The aluminum frame of the Mig-RR Limited Edition houses the Ohlins RXF36 fork, while at the rear we find the TTX shock produced by the Swedish manufacturer and capable of absorbing even the worst bumps road. The Mig-RR Limited Edition is equipped with a Sram X01 12-speed wireless gearbox , while the brakes are 4-piston Shimano Saints. The battery, made by the same Japanese manufacturer, is the 508 Wh E8000, which guarantees a power of 250 Watts and a torque of 70 Nm.

Ducati Mig-RR Limited Edition is 6,250 euros.

Ducati bikes presented at the 2020 World Premiere can already be purchased on the online store of the Borgo Panigale company. Shipping will start in January 2020.

The new models will be on display from 7 to 10 November at the 2019 EICMA show (International Motorcycle Show Milan Eicma - Dates: Thu, Nov 7, 2019 – Sun, Nov 10, 2019, Location: Rho Fiera railway station, Rho, Italy.).

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