Finally, touring and hill riding are available to everyone: Axess, with its silent, electric motorization, is the ideal all-terrain wheelchair for spending joyful trips in the countryside with friends and family.

The Axess's one-arm drive makes it appropriate for most handicaps and provides optimum security. Downhill riding is easy to manage, thanks to the motor brake. However, when you let go of the controls, the AXESS comes to a halt. For maximum mobility, the Axess model has two forward speed levels and two reverse speed levels.

The Quadrix Axess e3 all-terrain electric wheelchair offers exhilarating freedom and excitement with limitless possibilities.

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Axess four-wheel electric wheelchair - Technical specifications:

  • Frame: 7020 Aluminium Alloy + Thermo lacquered epoxy
  • Two direct current geared motors 36V/1500W
  • 1 programmable controller 36V / 140A
  • Trigger throttle or twist grip
  • 2x LiFePO4 batteries with BMS, 36V 20Ah
  • 2x 230V / 5A chargers
  • Charging time: 4h30 maximum
  • 4x wheels in 20-inch
  • Anti-puncture tires on all wheels
  • 4x adjustable shock absorbers
  • Front and rear LED lighting kit, bell, reflectors
  • Bucket seat
  • 3-point harness
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Ground clearance: 22cm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1670 x 900 x 1350 mm
  • Weight 70 kg without battery + 7.5 kg / battery

Quadrix Axess e3 electric wheelchair - Features:

  • Customizable accelerator based on a rotating handle or trigger
  • Unique acceleration and braking control
  • Forward / reverse direction selector
  • Slow/fast speed selector
  • High torque for easy hill starting
  • Powerful and silent electric motor
  • SPEED: Up to 15 km / h
  • Long range> 50 km
  • LED interface, battery control
  • High-travel performance suspension
  • Suitable for steep paths, up to 1000m vertical drop
  • Easy transfer
  • Immediate start
  • 2-year European warranty

The Quadrix Axess e3 four-wheel electric wheelchair is a little expensive in my humble opinion; its price starts from 10,600 euros. But I guess that if you contact them directly, you will get a much better deal.

Available on MONT BLANC MOBILITY MBM website.

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