Fiat Ducato: the best seller of Fiat Professional commercial vehicles is renewed with the model year 2020, which introduces an updated design, more technology for safety and onboard connectivity, an updated gearbox with a 9-speed automatic transmission and Euro 6D engines, but above all a 100% electric version - Fiat Ducato MY2020. There's no mention on pricing yet, but is expected to fetch more than the 28,000 euros which is the base price of its diesel-engined siblings.

The entire engine range of the new 2020 Fiat Ducato is now in line with the Euro 6D standards. The entire diesel offer is based around the 2.3 Multijet 2 with variable geometry compressor, available in the following:

- 120 hp and 320 Nm of torque with manual gearbox (replaces the previous 2 liter with 10% more torque)
- 140 hp and 350 Nm (+ 9% compared to the current 130 hp Multijet) with manual transmission or with the new automatic "9Speed"
- 160 hp and 400 Nm (always with manual or automatic)
- 180 hp and 400 Nm of torque with manual transmission and 450 Nm (+ 12% compared to the previous model) with the automatic

The range of engines is completed with the Natural Power variant with a three-liter, 101 kW (136 hp) single-engine methane engine at 2,730 rpm and a maximum torque of 350 Newton-meters at 1,500 rpm, which is Fiat Professional's leading role underlines in the development of this alternative fuel.

The new automatic transmission with 9Speed torque converter has three driving modes (Normal, Eco and Power) and intelligent Drive functions (selects and engages gears according to different driving conditions: speed, load, slope) and Autostick (in the case of frequent gear changes and in particularly difficult conditions, such as on steep slopes, it allows maintaining a lower ratio with a consequent improvement in performance and avoiding overheating).

The big news, however, is the 100% electric version (Ducato MY2020), which can already be ordered this year.  The details of the electric powertrain are not known at the moment, but it is highly probable that it will be shared with that of Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer, electric commercial vehicles with 270 km of autonomy presented last April at the Birmingham Motor Show.  In particular, Peugeot Electric Boxer and Citroën Electric Jumper are produced in Italy at the Sevel site in Atessa (Chieti), from which the Fiat Ducato also comes out.

Finally, thanks to the connectivity: the Fiat Ducato is now available the new infotainment system with 7" Mopar touch screen, equipped with USB input and DAB Radio tuner. Also, are present the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols for smartphone mirroring.

The Fiat Ducato's ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) range is now completed with the latest devices. Now, the package includes:

Blind spot assist (BSA), which uses radar sensors installed in the rear bumper to detect vehicles that are invisible to the driver is positioned in the blind corner of the rear-view mirror.

Rear cross path detection (RCP), which uses radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching sideways when reversing. Allows you to avoid accidents during maneuvering operations.

Full brake control (FBC), which identifies the obstacles and, having verified the existence of an imminent collision hazard, alerts the driver and intervenes by autonomously actuating an emergency braking.

Lane departure warning system (LDWS), which determines if the vehicle is leaving its lane, even in poor visibility conditions. In the event of danger, an acoustic and visual signal immediately alerts the driver.

Traffic sign recognition, which uses the onboard camera and assists the driver by recognizing the speed limit and overtaking road signs, returning them to the onboard display.

High beam recognition, which manages the switching on and off of the high beam headlights by increasing visibility and reducing the risk of glare during night driving by automatically recognizing vehicles in the opposite direction.

Rain and twilight sensor, which activates the windscreen wipers and regulates the speed based on the intensity of the precipitation. The twilight sensor automatically activates the low beams when the light outside is insufficient.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which constantly monitors tire pressure, signaling any drops directly on the onboard display.

A must have for any professional is the Engine Idle Preset, which increases the engine's idling speed to power additional electrical equipment on board, and the new Led Cargo Lights. These powerful lights, available in three different sizes depending on the vehicle wheelbase, deliver up to 70 lux in the cargo hold.

Consumption and emission values

Fiat Professional Ducato

2.3 MultiJet II with 88 kW (120 hp)

8.0 - 7.3 l / 100 km **

210 - 192 g / km **

2.3 MultiJet II with 103 kW (140 hp)

7.9 - 7.2 l / 100 km **

207 - 198 g / km **

2.3 MultiJet II with 118 kW (160 hp)

7.5 - 7.3 l / 100 km **

197 - 193 g / km **

2.3 MultiJet II with 132 kW (180 hp)

7.5 l / 100 km **

197 g / km **

** Combined fuel consumption (l / 100 km) according to RL 80/1268 / EWG and CO 2 emission combined (g / km). Further information on official fuel consumption and on the official CO 2 specific emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the "Guide to Fuel Consumption, CO 2 Emissions and Electricity Consumption of New Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles", which is available free of charge at all points of sale.

The model year 2020 Ducato is available from all Fiat Professional dealers. He is the best selling vehicle and designed to meet all commercial requirements.

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