MAZ 303E10 electric bus: specifications and design

Minsk Automobile Plant has released the third generation of electric buses. It is assumed that they will combine the advantages of trolleybuses and public transport. With the help of the new model, the Belarusian manufacturer expects to strengthen its position in the promising segment of electric buses.

The new low-floor bus MAZ 303E10 is equipped with a German electric motor ZF CeTrax with a capacity of 300 kW, providing a maximum speed of 75 km / h. The electric bus surpasses many analogues in acceleration dynamics, power reserve and average power consumption.

The power reserve of the bus is up to 300 km, therefore it is able to cross a large city several times.

Its chassis is assembled from corrosion-resistant steel and is designed to withstand the weight of 412 Ah batteries that can be charged from either an AC source or using the CCS2 Combo combined charging system. Charging it takes up to 4 hours.

The length of the Belarusian electric bus is 12.43 m, it will be able to carry up to 70 passengers, 30 seats are available.

The MAZ 303E10 electric bus surpassed competitors in energy efficiency, maximum travel distance and acceleration speed.

MAZ has not yet announced the cost of a new electric bus, but according to the plant manager Valery Ivankovich, such a model is still more expensive than a diesel one. At the same time, the manufacturer promises that as the mass production and improvements are made, the price of the MAZ 303E10 should noticeably decrease.

Tests of the MAZ 303E10 will continue throughout the year. According to the Belta agency, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed the plant to produce 10 electric buses for various regions. First deliveries are expected in May 2021. via ecotechnica.

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