The Polish company Triggo has developed an urban electric vehicle with an interesting quality: the width of the car can be adjusted from 148 to 86 cm. The novelty is designed to take its rightful place in the category of light vehicles designed for one or two passengers. The Polish model falls into the category of L7E light vehicles, being a quadricycle weighing less than 400 kg (without batteries).

Triggo can carry two passengers, one behind the other and has a maximum range of 100 km. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the fact that with the folded chassis, five Triggo can be placed in one standard parking space. A fully functional industrial design is already available for potential buyers, and mass production of the model is planned for 2021.

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The Triggo electric vehicle is 2.6 meters long and is powered by two electric motors each with a power of 10 kW (in accordance with the characteristics of the L7E class, the total engine power is reduced to 15 kW). The electricity is stored in an 8 kWh battery that can be replaced. The battery weighs 130 kg. Given its own weight of 400 kg and a 130kg battery pack, the maximum vehicle load is limited to 750 kg.

However, the most interesting feature is the width adjustment. In normal running mode, Triggo has a width of 148 cm and can run at a maximum speed of 90 km / h. In maneuverability mode, the vehicle can be narrowed to 86 cm to be able to overtake columns of cars or to be able to park in tight spaces. In this mode, the speed is limited to 25 km / h.

Inside, there is no steering wheel, but a handlebar, but the cabin is completely closed. The Polish company is mainly targeting the car-sharing market. The interior includes equipment with a digital control system, which can be further upgraded to fully autonomous driving, in particular for use as a robotaxi.

The manufacturer plans not only to sell the finished product but also a license to produce its electric vehicles. According to Triggo, his patents are registered in the European Union, USA, Japan, China, and India. via triggo.

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