The Chinese manufacturer CATL claims that it has developed an electric car battery that can be used at optimal parameters over two million kilometres or a period of 16 years.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited has revealed that it is ready to mass-produce an electric car battery that stands out for its significantly longer life.

The Chinese promise that the new battery can be used for two million kilometres, in the context in which most car manufacturers offer warranties of 160,000 kilometres or 8 years.

However, the longer life comes with a cost: the price of the battery will be 10% higher compared to "normal" batteries.

The information was revealed by Zeng Yuqun, the president of CATL, in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency. It suggests that CATL has not yet received a concrete offer for the new battery and that there is no exclusivity with a particular manufacturer.

"If someone places an order, we are ready to produce," said Zeng Yuqun.

CATL has contracts for the supply of electric car batteries with some of the largest global car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, BMW, Honda and Tesla.

Earlier, CATL announced that it will produce batteries in Europe starting in 2021, at a plant it is currently building in Erfurt, Germany. Via Bloomberg.

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