Your car keys are like oxygen. You can't live your life without them and losing them or damaging them can throw a wrench in your life. Keys really drive the security and accessibility of your driving experience. So, here is what you should know about different types of keys and key programming Germantown MD.

Never Too Old School

Traditional keys and fobs are straightforward with their security measures. They are cut uniquely in order to interact with your specific car. It's pretty easy to cut these kinds of keys since they don't require any special material. They are also easy to copy with a skilled locksmith. Since they are old school, they sacrifice a lot of modern amenities found with current designs.

Going Wireless

Transponders are a relatively recent invention for car keys. When these get damaged or lost you need a professional who can cut a new key and program the transponder. This allows you to once again remotely lock and unlock your vehicle and use conveniences such as opening your trunk and hood.

Switchblade Keys

The switchblade method works on car keys too. You can fit a lot of components in the fob to help repair your keys should they get damaged. It's a quick way to get the tools you need when you're ina tight situation and time is of the essence to get the situation resolved.

The important things about keys are accessibility, security and convenience. Make sure that you have that in mind when picking out your next selection. Some keys are traditional and just fit the model of your vehicle. Others are more complex and allow you to remote control various features of your car. Other keys maximize portability and allow you to pack essential tools in the fob. Do your research to find ways to make your driving experience even easier.

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