Hyundai Prophecy concept EV with special air purification system

Hyundai made an online presentation of its Prophecy electric concept earlier this month, and the other day announced that the car carries proven technologies that will go into production in the very near future.

One of the most unique features of Prophecy is its control system. Instead of a steering wheel, control is carried out by two joysticks located to the left and to the right of the driver: one on the centre console and the other on the door trim.

In combination with a spacious interior, this solution not only adds to the comfort of the driver but also frees up more space on the dashboard for other functions. At the same time, control of 90% of the functions of the electric vehicle is carried out using the buttons on the joysticks, the ergonomics of which make it possible to call this a truly intuitive interface.

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Hyundai "Prophecy" Concept - Electric Car
Hyundai "Prophecy" Concept - Electric Car

Hyundai is positioning the Prophecy not only as a car with zero emissions but also as a car that can purify the air. This is ensured by a "special filtration system" with a sensor that captures the smallest particles of dust. When the level of contaminants inside the car becomes too high, a purification system is activated that draws in fresh air from the outside, filters it and starts the circulation throughout the car. Moreover, according to the company, the electric car continues to purify the air, even when it is idling or charging, and even if no one is inside.

The electric car “Prophecy” was created with an eye to vintage cars - models with smooth lines, similar to the coupe of the 1920s and 30s. Its dynamic shape and rear spoiler give it a sporty look, while wheels with rims in the form of propellers reduce air resistance. This look is based on Hyundai's signature style called "Sensuous Sportiness".

"The word ‘sensuous’ integrates the value of more emotion in our designs. ‘Sportiness’ implies dynamics, to be reactive of what’s happening around us. Sensuous Sportiness is not about a new language or philosophy. It’s about a new concept in the creation of our cars," says Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai Motor Group’s Chief Design Officer.

The manufacturer claims that the interior exudes relaxation, with dark colours and natural materials that appeal to nature” and, thus, aims to provide a completely new experience in using the car.

Pixel headlamps provide excellent visibility in the dark and in bad weather, as well as due to the minimum energy consumption, reduce battery load. This progressive lighting technology will be used in future Hyundai electric car models.

Another feature of the exterior of the concept is a wide air intake installed under the front bumper, which optimally distributes the oncoming air flows under the bottom of the electric car, thereby providing more efficient cooling of the batteries.

The presented strategy assumes that by 2025 the Hyundai Motor Group model line will expand to 44 electric vehicles, and the Hyundai Motor Company will invest about 50 billion euros in the development of new technologies for future mobility. This will allow the company to increase sales of electric vehicles and gain a foothold in the top three electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.

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