At the What Van? 2023, the new Iveco eDAILY was named "One to Watch". The award is given every year to the best brands, companies, and organizations in their fields. The jury comprises knowledgeable and impartial judges from the LCV (Light commercial vehicle) sector.

The award shows that the new eDAILY is ready to take on any customer mission thanks to its innovative modular battery system, its unmatched towing capacity, and its 15 kW ePTO, which is the most powerful in its class.

The new Iveco eDAILY electric van has a lot of helpful features, like being able to power extra equipment. The transporter can carry between 3.5 and 7.2 tons of weight, the same as the diesel version. The Iveco eDAILY electric van can be ordered with one, two, or three batteries, giving it a range of up to 400 km. Editor of What Van? James Dallas says that Iveco's new DAILY electric van shows how the brand has changed in the plug-in market.

The Iveco eDAILY is the "electric twin" of the famous IVECO Daily, and it can be used for all LCV applications, including conversions and heavy-duty jobs. It comes as a van, a two- or four-door chassis, and a minibus with a gross weight of up to 7.2 tonnes and a wide range of options for height and wheelbase.

Iveco eDAILY was made to have the same wide range of features that the combustion model is known for. Its wide range of wheelbases can carry up to 20 cubic meters of cargo, and its strong truck-based chassis makes it the only eLCV that can pull 3.5 tonnes.

With a choice of battery configurations, drivers can make their eDAILY fit their needs and find a good balance between payload and range. With 80 kW of fast charging power, eDAILY can reach a range of 100 km in just 30 minutes. The Iveco eDAILY electric van can go up to 400 km on a full charge.

The batteries come with a very long warranty: eight years and 160,000 km for vehicles with one battery and two or three batteries and 250,000 km for those with two or three batteries. The tightest turning circle in its class shows how agile the car is, and the regenerative One Pedal Drive mode makes driving in cities easier because you can speed up and slow down with just the accelerator pedal.

"We are thrilled that What Van? has given us this prestigious award." Anders Nilsson, who is in charge of sales for IVECO, says that the award is a big deal because it shows that eDAILY's great features make it a unique product on the market.

Iveco's newest electric vehicle, which was officially unveiled at the IAA 2022 in September, has already gotten its first commercial orders. Petit Forestier Group, the European leader in renting and leasing refrigerated vans, signed a memorandum of understanding in Hanover to supply 2,000 Iveco eDAILY chassis. In November of last year, the SV Noleggio (Italian company), renting and leasing refrigerated vans for more than 20 years, announced that it had signed an agreement for 200 Iveco eDAILY electric vans.

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