The Silence S01, an electric motorcycle with a removable battery and 115 km of autonomy, has already exceeded 400 pre-orders.

Silence started in December the pre-orders of the S01, its electric scooter launched at the end of last year. Just a few months after the forms were opened on its website, the Spanish manufacturer of electric motorcycles already has more than 300 customers waiting for the first deliveries of the Silence S01.

The company will present the first 500 buyers of the S01 with a helmet and a Silence T-shirt, as well as connectivity with the bike via SIM-APP for 3 years at no cost. The application allows you to share your electric motorcycle safely with whomever you want through a code, control the status of the Power Battery Pack at all times and geolocate the vehicle using GPS coordinates, among other features.

The Silence S01 is available in two versions, one limited to 45 km / h maximum speed compatible with the driving license of mopeds up to 49 cc and another with 100 km / h suitable for licenses of up to 125 cc ( A1 or B with 3 years old).

It is an urban electric scooter with 7 kW of power (11 kW of maximum power) capable of accelerating from 0 to 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds. The S01 has three driving and reverse modes.

The Silence S01's dimensions are 2000 mm long by 705 mm wide and 1450 mm between axes. The dimensions of the wheels are 120 / 70-15 the front and 140 / 70-14 the rear, both with disc brakes.

The Silence S01 has a weight of 105 kilograms without the battery.

The battery pack, also called the Power Battery Pack, has a handle and wheels system so that we can upload it to the house or the office in order to recharge it through a domestic connection. The charger is integrated into the package and offers up to 600 W of power through a household plug. Its energy capacity allows traveling up to 120 kilometers in moped mode and up to 100 km if we choose the unrestricted version of the motorcycle.

Coinciding with the start of the commercialization of the first electric motorcycle of the manufacturer designed for the private market, Silence has launched the limited series First Production Units of only 500 copies. These first production units will leave the factory located in Molins de Rei with a numbered badge and the First Production Units emblem, free third party insurance during the first year, warranty and maintenance included during the first 3 years.

The price of the Silence S01 First Production Units, of which only 199 units are available, is 5,995 euros. The electric motorcycle is available in the colors black, white and green. Pre-bookings are subject to the payment of a 600 euro sign and can be formalized through the official website of Silence.

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