Wello "Family" a compact electric tricycle - ideal for short deliveries and for commuters

The French company Wello presented a compact electric tricycle at CES 2020 last week in Las Vegas.

Wello has given its e-tricycle the unusual name "Family". It is described as an ultralight and connected electric vehicle powered by the sun for city traffic.

With only 75 kg (without additional equipment) and the dimensions 0.85 m x 2.25 m 1.75 m, the vehicle is very able to move quickly and easily.

The electric motor on board supports pedaling up to a speed of 25 km / h. “Family” can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h on flat roads. The French declared a range of 100 kilometers (without solar power: 60 kilometers), the price of 7,900 euros.

Wello "Family" a solar compact electric tricycle

The vehicle can also be used as a cargo tricycle. Together, both versions have a certain level of energy self-sufficiency thanks to the built-in solar panels and a patented tilting technology, which according to Wello ensures “excellent cornering”. The electric vehicle can transport 80 kg. Since it is considered a pedelec, no insurance is necessary, and the bike paths are also open to him.

The "Family" tricycle was designed primarily as a fleet vehicle. This made it easy to locate the vehicles - together with information about the kilometers driven and the battery level.

The electric tricycle should be available on order from 2020.

• A speed of up to 40 km / h on flat.
•  Electric assistance up to 25 km / h. 
•  Range up to 100 km / day (depending on elevation).
•  Carrying capacity: 800 liters - 80 Kg. 
•  Self-sufficiency in energy through the use of panels. new generation solar panels.

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