The new Renault Kangoo Electric transport van was named the best vehicle of its type for 2022. Finally, the brand new Renault Kangoo and Renault Master's electric iterations have made their way to Sweden. Improvements to both models include increased battery capacity and travel distance.

Renault's annual appearance at Transportbilsdagen in Solvalla is a chance to show off the company's most recent van innovations. The new Renault Kangoo Electric and Renault Master electric versions debuted in Sweden in August.

Renault, a market leader in Europe with over 70,000 electric vehicles sold, is an industry pioneer with more than ten years of experience in electric cars. The sequels to Renault Kangoo and Renault Master on electricity are coming out, showing that the company is still committed to making technologies that are good for the environment and can last for a long time.

With over 3,600 units sold, the Renault Kangoo Electric is Sweden's best-selling electrified transport vehicle, accounting for approximately 37% of the market.

Firms are making the switch to fossil fuel-free transportation at an accelerated rate. For example, Kristoffer Bernstrom, head of corporate sales at Renault Sweden, says that "interest in electric transport cars is growing, but so is interested in other fossil-free alternatives like hydrogen, for which Renault is working on solutions for its transport vehicles."

Many new features on the updated Renault Kangoo Electric transport van were designed with the client in mind. As of now, you can get 300 km of range (mixed WLTP). You can get 170 kilometers of range with the 45 kWh battery and 90 kW motor after only 30 minutes of charging, thanks to rapid charging. Both the diesel and gasoline variants have the same payload capacity. The towing capacity is 1500 kg. Open Sesame, the sector's most considerable side load opening, is introduced alongside the electric Kangoo's launch, providing passengers with greater space and convenience. Protective measures of the newest generation are also on hand.

Renault's new Master E-Tech Electric 52 kWh is a vast electric transport vehicle with a 52 kWh battery that boosts the vehicle's range to 20 miles under the WLTP standard. 7.4 kilowatts of alternating current (AC) and 22 kilowatts of direct current (DC) for charging. An energy-efficient electric motor producing 57 kW (76 hp) or 225 Nm is included in the Renault Master electric van. It can easily navigate both city streets and quiet residential backroads. There will be 11 variants of the model to choose from (3 lengths, 3 heights, 3,100 kg, and 3,500 kg) instead of only the previous six.

The new Renault Master E-tech Electric, built on the L3 flatbed chassis, is on display at Solvalla. It has a right-side toolbox and a bed length of 3800 mm. The load weight is 1185 kg, for a total of 3500 kg.

"Because of Renault's extensive product line, we are already the business's default overall supplier regardless of the power source or goal. There is more to come after the recent flurry of announcements we made. I want to call attention to the Kangoo's relatively low towing capacity". Kristoffer Bernström believes this is significantly more than what competitors in the smaller class can give, at 1,500 kg regardless of fuel.

Flatbeds like the Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric and Renault Master E-Tech Electric, as well as passenger cars like the Renault Express and the Renault Trafic, will be available for test drives.

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