The Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD plans to launch in Europe in 2020. In addition to a 100% electric SUV, commercial vehicles with an electric drive are also planned.

BYD has been active in Europe for some time now with electrically powered buses for public transport. In the passenger car area, the all-electric compact crossover BYD e6 was used for a number of attempts by various importers. However, large quantities were not achieved with the e6, which is mainly used as a taxi in China.

BYD Europe, based in the Netherlands, is planning a centrally guided market entry for 2020. BYD initially only wants to compete with the Tang electric SUV in the important e-car market in Norway and only offer the electrically driven version EV600 long SUV series there. The Elektro-Tang is available in China with either one or two 180 kW / 245 hp electric motors and a battery of around 83 kWh for a range of over 500 kilometres.

The BYD Tang EV600 electrically powered SUV is scheduled to be launched in Norway later this year. The Tang EV600 offers four-wheel drive with two electric motors, and the range should be 520 kilometres according to the NEDC standard. BYD does not yet reveal any further technical data and the price.

In China, the Tang EV600 electric SUV is available for around 34,000 euros. The price will probably be significantly higher, especially in Norway, but at the same time, it will be cheaper than comparable models from European manufacturers.

Commercial vehicles with electric drives are also planned. In addition to a small van, a 7.5-ton and a 19-ton truck and an emission-free tractor for agricultural use are planned. It is not yet known in which European markets BYD wants to start with commercial vehicles.

We shouldn't undervalue BYD, they have a high level of expertise in battery production and are already very successful with e-buses. Norway was chosen as the start for expansion with electric cars to Europe because the market and infrastructure are the most developed there.

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