Electric cars sales have doubled worldwide!

Electric car sales almost doubled in the first half of 2019, compared to the first six months of last year. 100% electric vehicles registered an increase of 92% during this period, with 765,000 units being sold globally.

According to JATO Dynamics, between January and June 2019 sales of electric cars doubled compared to the same period last year: 765,000 units sold, compared to 397,000 units in 2018. The study covers 41 markets worldwide.

Even so, 100% electric cars represent only 1.7% of the total number of cars sold during this period.

Much of the success is due to China, the country where 430,700 electric cars were purchased in the first half of the year. The second place is the USA, where 116,200 such vehicles entered the market. The podium is completed by the Norwegians, who bought 36,300 electric cars between January and June 2019.

Best selling electric cars

The most successful electric model globally is the Tesla Model 3, which has made its place in the 41 markets in 134,300 copies in the first half of the year. In total, Elon Musk's company sold about 166,000 cars.

The silver medal goes to the Chinese car BYD e5, with 55,000 units sold.

In third place is another Chinese producer: BAIC, which has sold 41,000 cars.

Electric cars in Europe

With regard to the European market, the boom was 84% ​​compared to the first half of 2018, with recent sales totaling 173,000 units. "This increase is partly explained by the demonization of diesel engines, but it is also due to the emergence of new cheaper models, " explains JATO.

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