Volkswagen will install 4,000 electric car charging stations

The German automobile brand Volkswagen has started installing electric vehicle charging points in its German factories, a process through which it will launch 4,000 posts at its plants until 2025, the company said in a statement.

The first 60 posts of this initiative have been installed in the Braunschweig factory, as part of the investment of 250 million euros that will be carried out by the Volkswagen for the expansion of its charging network in European factories.

Volkswagen said that, by combining the points of the factories with those of the company's dealers, the group would have an electric vehicle charging infrastructure of 36,000 new points on the European continent.

Volkswagen is immersed in an electrical product offensive which includes the launch of almost 70 models in the next 10 years.

“Adequate facilities for charging at the workplace are an important element in our electric offensive. Going forward, charging their electric vehicles while they are at work will be easy and convenient for our employees. We are demonstrating how the gradual transition to e-mobility can succeed”, Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management responsible for E-Mobility, said.

“I am very pleased that Volkswagen AG is making massive investments in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles worldwide and, more specifically, in our region. And I am particularly delighted that the Braunschweig plant is a trailblazer for this major investment. Employees will be able to refuel while they work. And at the same time, these charging points will also be available to other electric vehicle users. This is an excellent model that should set a precedent. We will also need more public charging options going forward. However, demand for charging stations cannot be primarily covered by such public facilities. Conditions for installing private charging points should be improved, and companies should contribute to that. I would like to thank Volkswagen AG for sending such a strong signal”, Braunschweig’s Mayor, Ulrich Markurth, said.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars suffered a decline in sales in July. The increase in the China market, which is so important for the brand, could not change that. Last month, the VW brand sold 489,000 vehicles worldwide, 3.3 percent less than in the same period last year. While deliveries to Western Europe and Germany declined significantly in July, they were better in the US and South America.

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