The campaign to promote the future of the Mini Cooper SE (commercial name of the electric version) has begun since March, and voices close to the company say the model will be exhibited for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In order to maintain the interest of fans, Mini has published a clip with one of the prototypes.

The spot was filmed at Frankfurt airport and the Mini Cooper SE tows a Boeing 777F (cargo version) aircraft that is part of the Lufthansa Cargo fleet. Created in collaboration with the BMW Group and Lufthansa Cargo, the 45-second advert depicts MINI Cooper SE as a "muscle car".

The video is the beginning of a series of social media projects for MINI Cooper SE.

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So far we know that the future Mini Cooper SE will "borrow" the current electric motor currently available on the BMW i3S. Under these circumstances, the British model will offer 184 horsepower and 270 Nm. The performance characteristics of the electric motor combine the spontaneous delivery of power with a high torque available from the start.

According to Mini officials, the Mini Cooper SE electric version will enter the assembly line of the Oxford plant in November.

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