Going on a trip should be a fun experience. That is if we minus the whole planning process from choosing the destination to making bookings and planning activities. However, with some forethought, the result would surely be worth it.

One type of trip that is getting increasingly famous these days is the road trip, which entails traveling a long distance by automobile. For many first-timers or even those who have been on a road trip before, they would usually explore places they have never been to before.

That said, a road trip underlines one important element that is often forgotten by those going on a trip which is preparing the vehicle. This is because even with concise and detailed planning, your car will still break down if you don’t conduct proper maintenance and servicing. Hence, you must prepare your car for everything it needs before going on an adventure.

With that in mind, we have summed up the best ways to prepare your car for an upcoming road trip. So, buckle up and get ready for the tips.

Get your food and drinks onboard

A trip is not complete without a stash of food and drinks. This is because you are more likely to encounter traffic jams when traveling a long distance. So, it might get harder to find a nearby shop to buy food, which is why you need to have your favorite snacks prepared. This way, you can avoid feeling hungry and dehydrated during stressful traffic.

In addition, if you are a coffee-lover, you would want to have your dose of coffee throughout the trip. So, it’s good that there is portable coffee machine that you can bring along these days. This way, you can brew your coffee anytime you want to.

Check the tires

Check the tires

Source: pexels.com/ @Gustavo Fring

Tires are the one and only part of the vehicle that constantly gets into contact with the roads hence why they need extra care. Before starting any journey, check whether the tires are well inflated and if you have even tread. This is because, when the tires are flat, worn, and have thin thread, it will lead to big problems on the road.

There are three main keys to consider when maintaining your tires; air pressure, rotation, and condition. For air pressure, you can check the specific requirement for your vehicle at the small label attached to the inside of the driver’s door. Besides, for rotation, check the correct rotation in the owner's manual, and if it’s rotating differently, time for new tires. Lastly, remember to inspect the condition of the tires to see if there is any visible damage that you should act on.

Apart from that, you can also check the tire tread depth using the famous tire penny test. What you need for this method is only a cent! Simply grab a cent, and turn the figure toward you to see the head. Then, inside the penny upside down between the tread with the head pointing down the tire. Can you still see the top of the head? If not, this shows that the tread has worn down and needs a change.

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Check the fluids

Moving on to the next essential part of the vehicle is the fluids. Some people referred to motor oil as the lifeline of an engine. However, these days, modern vehicles have a wide variety of specialized fluids that play an equally important role in ensuring the vehicles’ longevity and smooth operation.

Furthermore, one of the essential fluids is brake fluid. You may not know this, but the braking system uses fluid to generate hydraulic pressure in order to force the calipers to clamp down on the brake pads. Plus, brake fluids can absorb moisture and get contaminated, which might reduce the brake pads' performance. So, if you notice that your brake does not perform well, make sure to get it checked at a nearby service center.

Get your car cleaned

It is true that you won’t get comfortable when you spend too much time in the car. So, the least you should do is to make sure that your car is well cleaned for a long journey. When the environment in the car is clean, you might have a much more pleasant experience during the road trip.

Before you go on the trip, take the car to a nearby car wash and give it an all-in service including vacuuming the carpet. In addition, remember to take out any excess baggage or unused items in the car so that it is more spacious. Moreover, you can also put on a portable air purifier in the car so the air is much cleaner for you to breathe in.

Pack your items carefully

This may sound simple but packing your items properly will save a lot of space in the car. Moreover, since you are going on a long journey, you would surely bring a lot of stuff. Hence, it’s crucial that you pack your necessities nicely so that you can arrange them into the boot instead of just dumping them everywhere in the car.

In addition, remember to not overload the car boot with too much weight. This is because heavier weights will alter the vehicle’s weight transfer leading to less effective steering. So, what you can do is to try to spread the load evenly into the car’s spaces.

Furthermore, remember to only bring what you will wear, so make sure you plan your outfit properly. Also, don’t forget to bring your Polaroid camera to capture the places you will visit during your trip.

Bring your emergency essentials

Emergency essentials

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You may think that nothing would happen during a road trip, and even if something does happen, you can simply ask for help from anyone around you. But imagine if your car breaks down or you run out of petrol, and there is no one around?

Therefore, ensure that you pack some emergency items such as a first-aid kit, torch, warning triangle, and some spare fuel in the car. This way, you will still have your backup if anything happens to you during the road trip.

All in all, going on a road trip can be a life-changing experience for some people. This is because there are so many things that you can explore along the way. Not only that, but you may also encounter situations that you have never thought of before. Therefore, make sure that you are well prepared for the trip to have a wonderful experience.