Solar Team Eindhoven has won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on many occasions, thanks to its highly efficient electric vehicles. Furthermore, students from the Technical University of Eindhoven unveiled the Stella Vita mobile house, the newest member of the Stella family of solar cars.

According to the creators, the car creates enough solar energy to survive and drive on. the Stella Vita mobile house hit the road for the first time in September to tour around Europe. Stella Vita is intended to be a self-sufficient "home on wheels." It should be able to drive, shower, watch TV, charge the laptop, and brew coffee without relying on charging stations, thanks to solar cells on the roof.

The Stella Vita solar car features a standing roof that can be pulled up. As a result, you may sit comfortably inside. Furthermore, more solar panels may be pulled out, increasing the solar surface up to 17.5 square meters. According to Solar Team Eindhoven, they have created a pleasant interior as light and efficient as feasible for regular use. The solar car on wheels can drive up to 730 kilometers on a bright day, thanks to intelligent energy consumption.

The new Stella Vita was first publicly exhibited in front of young pupils by the development team. "You are the future, the next generation, and you can encourage and expedite the transition to a more sustainable future," stated Kjell Revenberg, team leader of Solar Team Eindhoven. "We will inspire as many people in Europe as possible for a sustainable future on our quest to expedite this change."

The students behind the project want Stella Vita to travel from Eindhoven to the southernmost tip of Spain using only solar energy in one month. According to Solar Team Eindhoven, the motorhome might conceivably hit the market in five years, despite the prototype being not designed for mass production. The technology is available, but buyers must first get comfortable with the concept of such a car.

Lightyear One, a solar limousine created by former members of the Solar Team Eindhoven, is expected to hit the market in 2022, paving the door for solar electric vehicles to reach the general market by 2024. @Solar Team Eindhoven. @via Solar Team Eindhoven.

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