Popular electric SUVs like the Volkswagen ID4 have been Sweden's most often registered new electric vehicles over the past two years. Furthermore, it is now evident that ID4 is Sweden's most popular electric car. According to data compiled by Mobility Sweden, 16,059 new Volkswagen ID4s were registered in Sweden between the product's launch in the winter/spring of 2021 and the end of the year 2022.

If you count the number of Volkswagen ID4 electric cars on the road in Sweden, a total of 15,816 vehicles, the number at the beginning of 2022/2023 is staggering. This is what the latest data from the Swedish Transport Agency's vehicle registration database shows, as processed by Car.info.

Consequently, the Volkswagen ID4 has surpassed all other electric vehicles in Sweden. In December of last year, the Volkswagen ID4 surpassed the Kia e-Niro/Niro EV (15,750 vehicles) and the Tesla Model 3. (15,547 cars).

A growing number of ID4s can be seen on Swedish highways and at public charging stations, which is likely to be confirmed by those who frequently travel in the country. Naturally, we are delighted that the adaptable ID4 has found favor with Swedes and has become the country's best-selling passenger car in fewer than two years. The CEO of Volkswagen in Sweden, Sten Forsberg, has stated that the company is "quite interested in maintaining" its current market share.

There are now three different Volkswagen ID4 models available:

  • The Volkswagen ID4 Pro Performance (204 hp)
  • The Volkswagen ID4 Pro Performance 4MOTION (265 hp)
  • The Volkswagen ID4 GTX (4MOTION) (299 hp)

About 69% of all automobiles on the road now use Volkswagen ID4 Pro Performance chipsets, while 31% have ID4 GTX 4MOTION chipsets. Deliveries of the ID4 Pro Performance 4MOTION variant will start in that year (2023).

"We want to electrify the Swedish car fleet, and the Volkswagen ID4 electric SUV will play a crucial role". According to Sten Forsberg, "we look forward to delivering many Volkswagen ID4s to expecting clients this year and this year because the order book is well filled and the production supply for our market is good."

As of the new year, Volkswagen has 30,687 EVs (e-up!, e-Golf, ID3, ID4, ID5, and Volkswagen ID Buzz) on the road. On a list of 9,143 vehicles, the Volkswagen ID3 ranked an impressive eighth.

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