Although the competition in Madrid is severe, Renault and its partner Ferrovial have announced the implementation of Zity in Paris in a matter of days, with an initial fleet of 500 cars. Meanwhile, Zity's rivals in Madrid lose money.

Almost three years ago, Renault and Ferrovial stormed the city of Madrid with an electric car rental operator per minute, Zity, when Car2Go (from Daimler) and emov (from PSA) already existed . The experience has been positive, enough to make the leap to another important European capital, Paris.

From March they are to be deployed in Paris five hundred of Renault ZOE. Zity will replace the existing Renault / ADA platform in Paris, launched in 2018 and with the previous model. The operation will be the same as in Madrid. They are cars that are available 24 hours a day and all week.

The expansion of these companies meets several objectives at the same time. From the point of view of corporate social responsibility they provide a useful service and contribute to reducing the negative externalities of their activity. In addition, it is a business that will end up giving money ... eventually.

Renault and Ferrovial expect to expand their activity to other European cities, but we still don't know which ones.

An electric car like the ZOE, despite being one of the most affordable, is still relatively expensive to acquire, and then you have to keep keeping it: safe, annual tax (IVTM), maintenance, recharging.

Zity is a fairly flexible provider. Like the competition, it does not charge maintenance fees, it only charges for its use. This can be by minutes, with fixed rates (4, 8 or 24 hours). Everything is done with mobiles.

The ZOE also imposes on the Citroën C-Zero of emov and smart EQ in autonomy, 300 kilometres approved, as well as in technological equipment. They have mobile phone chargers, rear camera, parking sensors, GPS navigator, touch screen and speed control.

Anyway, the rental mobility business in cities is not a safe business. In the sector of electric motorcycles and scooters, the competition is more serious.

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