Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo has been named "International Van Of The Year 2023" (IVOTY). Carsten Intra, Managing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV), accepted the prize at the IAA in Hannover from Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman of IVOTY.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo received this prestigious international prize even before the market launch, which will take place in January. "We are thrilled and proud to accept this prize for ID Buzz Cargo," Carsten Intra remarked during the award presentation. Thank you so much to the IVOTY jury and everyone at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles who helped make the ID Buzz Cargo the best electric van in its class."

"It's not often that a completely new electric van concept arrives and generates so much market attention," said IVOTY Chairman Jarlath Sweeney on behalf of the 34 worldwide commercial vehicle journalists who make up the IVOTY jury. Congratulations to the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles development team for creating this one-of-a-kind vehicle ideal for the eco-conscious urban business operator."

"Being named "International Van of the Year 2023" is the frosting on the cake." We were fortunate to have Copenhagen as the host city for the international presentation of ID Buzz and Buzz Cargo which has generated tremendous interest in the idea. Our dealers and we have never seen such enthusiasm for a new model, and its appeal is more significant than any previous model in our lineup. We have a one-of-a-kind product with its charismatic design, efficient electric powertrain, and 100% digital and linked cockpit. Volkswagen ID Buzz and ID Buzz Cargo commercial vans have significantly contributed to business fleets' electric conversion. We hope to introduce it in January 2023." (Ib Jakobsen, Ib Jakobsen, the Danish director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles)

The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo is the fourth member of Volkswagen's electric ID family and the first Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

ID Buzz is constructed on Volkswagen's electric MEB platform, allowing exceptionally short body overhangs at the front and rear due to the car's electric drivetrain. The massive wheelbase of 2,988 mm is almost equivalent to that of the contemporary T6.1 Transporter, but ID Buzz measures 4,712 mm in length, 19 cm less than a T6.1 with the same wheelbase. On the other hand, the new electric van is 5 cm lower but 81 mm wider than a Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter, with an exceptionally tiny turning diameter for a car in its class of 11.1 m, the same as a Volkswagen Golf.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo is six centimeters shorter than a Volkswagen Passat, yet it still has a vast cargo compartment of 3.9 m3, with room for two Euro pallets, for example. The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo electric van has a total weight limit of 3,000 kg, a maximum payload of 650 kg, and can tow up to 1,000 kg. The luggage compartment is accessed via a high-opening tailgate or a sliding door on the passenger side. Still, it can alternatively be specified with an additional sliding door on the left side with double doors rather than a tailgate.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo van has a 77 kWh (gross 82 kWh) lithium-ion battery that powers a 204 hp/310 Nm powerful electric motor incorporated into the rear axle and driving the rear wheels. The MEB platform's design results in a low center of gravity and exceptional weight distribution, which makes the new ID Buzz lively and highly agile for a car of this size and type.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz has a range of up to 415 kilometers and can charge up to 170 kW with a DC flash charger in about 30 minutes under ideal conditions. ID Buzz will be outfitted with the most recent ID software, which includes a "Plug & Charge" capability, among other things. When you plug your device into a Socket & Charge-compatible (DC) lightning charger, the charger will identify your ID via the charging plug. The charge occurs immediately, and a charging card or chip is no longer required. Invoicing is handled through Volkswagen's "We Charge" agreement.

Volkswagen will begin accepting orders for the ID Buzz Cargo in the coming months, with prices starting at $52,000.

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