Volkswagen is continuing its success story with compact cars into the electric car era with the launch of the ID. 2all, which is expected to cost less than $27,000. This new electric car offers high-tech features, a range of up to 450 km, and a spacious interior that is comparable to the Volkswagen Golf but with a price equivalent to the VW Polo.

The Volkswagen ID. 2all is much more than just a concept car. The production-ready version is set to launch as early as 2025, making it a fully-fledged electric vehicle that can be used for all days of the year. It is based on the latest development stage of the MEB platform, which offers great flexibility and efficiency in terms of drive, battery, and charging technology. 

The Volkswagen ID. 2all is equipped with a powerful electric motor of 226 hp (166 kW) and an estimated range of up to 450 km (WLTP).

One of the most exciting things about the ID. 2all is its new design strategy, which interprets the DNA of great Volkswagen icons in a new way. The new design language is based on the three cornerstones of stability, sympathy, and enthusiasm, and it is expected to set new standards in terms of technology and usability in everyday life.

The exterior of the ID. 2all features a clear and powerful body that stands firmly on the wheels, a likable face, a large portion of dynamism, and timeless elegance. One integral detail of the new design language is the new interpretation of the signature for the C-pillar that was developed for the first generation of the Golf. The ID. 2all is the first Volkswagen model with this new interpretation. Other design details include a unique signature for the C-pillar, which is a clear and powerful body that stands firmly on the wheels, a likable face, a large portion of dynamism, and timeless elegance.

The interior of the Volkswagen ID. 2all is spacious and has a high-class appearance. The infotainment system is self-explanatory, with classic volume control and a separate control panel for the climate system. The storage space is also generous, offering a volume of 490 to 1,330 liters, which surpasses cars in higher classes.

The Volkswagen ID. 2all will be launched with high-tech features such as Travel Assist and IQ.LIGHT, which adds to the overall convenience and safety of the car. Additionally, Volkswagen is accelerating its electric car offensive, aiming to launch ten new electric models by 2026, including the new Volkswagen ID.3, Volkswagen ID. Buzz Long Wheel Base, and the flagship Volkswagen ID.7.

According to Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, the company is restructuring quickly and fundamentally with the explicit goal of making Volkswagen a genuine "love brand." The ID. 2all shows where Volkswagen wants to take the brand: close to the customer, with top-class technology and a stylish design. Volkswagen is implementing the transition at a rapid pace to offer electric mobility to many people.

The Volkswagen ID. 2all is a compact and affordable electric car with top-class technology and design. With a spacious interior, high-tech features, and a range of up to 450 km, the ID. 2all is a full-fledged electric car for all days of the year. Based on the three cornerstones of stability, sympathy, and enthusiasm, Volkswagen's new design language is sure to set new standards regarding technology and usability in everyday life. With its electric car offensive, Volkswagen is positioning itself as a leader in the electric car market.

I can objectively state that the VW ID.2all seems to be an exciting addition to Volkswagen's electric car lineup. With its range of up to 450 km and a starting price of less than $27,000, it can become an attractive option for customers looking for a practical and affordable electric vehicle. @via AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT.

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